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Put the cursor on the post to make it stick Jamie L. Saint Petersburg, FL Read More I used to work as a Colonic Hydrotherapist in New York city and recently moved to St. Pete. I am so grateful to find Sue. I have been getting and giving colonics for many years and she is […]

Wellness Wisdom

__________________________________________________________________________ Benefits of a High Fiber Diet A high fiber diet has numerous health benefits, including aiding in digestion, promoting weight loss, and feeding the gut microbiome. Fiber, also known as roughage, is the indigestible part of plant foods that our bodies cannot break down. Despite being indigestible, fiber plays a vital role in maintaining […]

What is BAUD Therapy

The Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device (BAUD) The BAUD is a sound generator that helps relieve/erase negative emotions. This therapy is perfectly fitted for those situations where the client does not want to do a lot of talking. The process is very powerful, comfortable and effective at facilitating permanent change.  The BAUD has been used in over […]

What to Expect from a Colonic

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, is an alternative medical procedure, similar to an enema. It involves the introduction of water into the colon. The client lies on their back, on the colonic table, in a relaxed and comfortable position. Water of different temperatures flows into the colon through a hose, which is attached […]

Why Gravity Fed

Why Gravity Fed Colonic & Not a Machine The Woods Gravity Method, the original method of Colon Hydrotherapy, uses gravity instead of a pressurized machine.  It is a manual therapy that allows your therapist to feel what is happening inside your body. Feedback from clients reflect a preference for this gentle procedure, as it is […]

Benefits of Colonics

Although colon therapy may be new to you, it is one of the oldest recorded medical treatments and variations have been seen in journals from around the world. The Wood Gravity method, which is used here at Bay Area Colon Therapy, is the most effective and gentle method of colon-hydrotherapy. Listed below are a few of […]

Meet Your Colon Therapist

Sue has been a licensed colon therapist in the state of Florida since 2007. She is often asked why she decided to become a colon therapist. It’s simple, when Sue learned the benefits of colonics from a friend she trusted, she set an appointment to have her first therapy session. During the treatment, her heart […]