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What to Expect from a Colonic

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, is an alternative medical procedure, similar to an enema. It involves the introduction of water into the colon.

The client lies on their back, on the colonic table, in a relaxed and comfortable position. Water of different temperatures flows into the colon through a hose, which is attached to a speculum inserted into the anus. The waste then flows back out of the patient through a closed system and into the plumbing. By performing massage of the abdomen, the therapist can feel the problem areas and can guide the water to these points. There is no pain associated with the treatment and there are no side effects, except maybe a flatter stomach. A session usually lasts about 30-40 minutes depending on the individual. A complete beneficial treatment should consist of 1 or more sessions, based on the condition of the colon and the results of each colonic. Your therapist will talk with you about your best course of treatment. Afterwards, you will use the bathroom where anything from a little bit of water or more waste will be relieved. You will get dressed and go about your normal day.